Program Description

Program Description

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Please refer to the Brochure and Guide for International Students in the end.


Located in Beijing, the capital of China, Renmin University of China (RUC) is a key comprehensive and research-orientated university. RUC is among the most elite and prestigious universities in China, and is especially renowned for humanities and social science.

RUC, according to China’s Ministry of education, is “ A Standard of the Humanities and Social Science in China’s Higher Education Sector,” China’s Ministry of Education’s appraisal in 2012 ranked nine of RUC’s programs number one: Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics, Law, Political Science, Journalism & Communication, Public Administration, Business Administration and Sociology.

Founded in 1937, RUC is now comprised of 28 different schools of discipline, 23 inter-disciplinary centers, 19 transitional centers for post-doctoral fellows, and also a School of Continuing Education, a School of Education and Training, the Shenzhen Research Institute , and International College (Suzhou Research Institute). As of October 2015, RUC has a faculty of 1836 which includes 612 professors and 748 associate professors. In 2015, RUC reached an enrollment of 25,183 full time students, including 11257 undergraduate students, 8674 master students, 3752 doctoral students and 1500 international students.


The School of Finance (SFRUC) has two national key disciplines (Finance and Public Finance) and one national key research center (China Financial Research Center) and the only national level research center in the areas of Finance and Public Finance, SFRUC has made important contributions to curriculum construction, talent cultivation, and academic research in Finance and Public Finance.

SFRUC has six majors for undergraduates (Finance, Public Finance, Taxation, Insurance, Financial Engineering, and Credit Management), six majors for Master’s degrees, five majors for PhD’s degrees, and one Post-Doctoral research center.

To cultivate more internationally recognizable talents, which are in short supply after China’s access to the WTO, SFRUC has established an innovative program for talented students, the undergraduate Pilot Class in Finance and Mathematics with bilingual teachers. This new program is part of the Quality Project in Higher Education-“Second Major with Distinctive Features”, funded by the Ministry of Education of China, and is based on the successful experience of the Pilot Class in Finance with Bachelor (4-year) plus Master(2-year) degrees in SFRUC. Each year, twenty-five top-notch students with excellent potential are selected to study in the Pilot Class.

To cater to the growing demand for highly capable talented managers who are well equipped with cutting-edge knowledge of Public Economics, Corporate Finance, and Taxation, SFRUC has established another Pilot Class program, the Pilot Class in Public Finance and Taxation. Each year, twenty top-notch students with excellent potential are selected to study in this Pilot Class with bilingual teaching.

About MSF Program

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) International Program was established in September 2010 and is running well and highly reviewed. The program depends on the academic advantages and training experience of the School of Finance, and offers oversea students-who are interested in understanding China’s financial conditions and problems but have not yet had a good basis of Chinese language - an opportunity to comprehensively understand Chinese culture, economy and finance. The program completely covers China’s financial industry including banking, securities and insurance.

Mode of Study Full-time (2 years)

Degree Requirements

ØThe students must complete all coursework (minimum 31 credits) as specified.

ØComplete the thesis and pass the oral thesis defense at the second semester of the academic year (usually in May or June).

ØDegree will be conferred in late June or July.

Objectives of MSF Program

ØComprehensively understanding of Chinese culture;

ØComprehensively understanding of institutional basis, the policy system, institutions and organizations systems, business model and the direction of development with respect to Chinese economy and finance;

ØCommunication skills with China’s financial industry;

ØResearch skill in Chinese economy and finance;

ØPractical ability to engage in services relative to China’s financial industry.

Characteristics of the MSF program:

ØCourses of the program will be lectured in English by professors with overseas study and teaching experience, government officials and industry experts. The language of instruction and administration in the MSF Program is English.

ØEach Student in the program works directly with a Renmin University faculty member, who is responsible for assisting the student in pursuit of his/her area of particular interest.

ØThe program strengthens student’s practical skills and pay attention to the cultivation of professional ethics.

Training directions of the program

ØFinancial Theory and Policy

ØBanking Management

ØSecurity Investment

ØInternational Finance


The MSF program requires four semesters of full-time study (fall and spring) at SFRUC. To gain the degree diploma and graduation certificate, students should complete at least 31 total credits including 22 required courses credits, 8 elective courses credits and 1 credit for professional internship. The master thesis does not credit, but student have to pass the thesis defense.

Required Courses

Financial Mathematics (3 c)

Financial Econometrics (3 c)

Modern Chinese Economy (3 c)

Central Bank and Monetary Policy (3 c)

Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance in China (3 c)

Elective Courses

International Finance and RMB Exchange Rate (2 c)

Financial Risk Management (2 c)

Derivatives Securities (3 c)

Structured Financial Product (2 c)

International Investment (2 c)

Investment Environment and Chinese Taxation System (2 c)

Chinese capital market and investment (3 c)

Venture Capital (2 c)

Public Courses

Contemporary Chinese Politics (3 c)

Basic Level of Chinese (4 c)

Social Practice (1 credit)

Students should make a one-month academic inspection or investigation in financial institutions in China, and then finish investigation reports.

Elective courses can also be chosen in postgraduate courses offered by full English programs of other schools of RUC.

Master thesis (Non-credit but Compulsory)

After finishing the training scheme, students should finish the master thesis under their adviser's direction. The patterns of the thesis can be theoretical research, investigation report, case analysis and project, etc.

We encourage students to finish most of their courses in the first academic year and the teaching activities are organized in this way. We offer flexibility to students in the second year. This means students can choose internships relevant to their own career plans. Students are also allowed to return to his/her home country to conduct thesis writing under the supervision of his/her advisor.






Public Courses

(7 credits)

Contemporary Chinese Politics



Foreign Language



Compulsory Courses

(at least 15 credits)

Financial Mathematics



Financial Econometrics



Central Bank and Monetary Policy



Modern Chinese Economy



Applied Microeconomics



Applied Macroeconomics



Elective Courses

(at least 10 credits)

Financial Risk Management



Venture Capital



International Finance and RMB Exchange Rate



Chinese capital market and investment



Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance in China



Investment Environment and Chinese Taxation System



Asset pricing



Structured Financial Product



International Investment



Internship and Report





Extracurricular Activities

We strive to offer students the best possible experience through various approaches. For example, we currently offer:

Field Trips

Rich and varied field trips can promote understanding of the state and characteristics of the Chinese firms, industries and economy. It will also benefit students who wish to work in China after graduation. At present we offer students opportunities to visit:

ØCommercial banks, esp. the state-owned corporations;

ØSecurities companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions;

ØIndustrial corporations;

ØScientific & technical corporations;

ØFinancial regulation sectors, etc.

Guest Speaker Program & Seminar

The MSF Guest Speaker Programs expose students to ideas from other academic institutions. Students will also have a unique opportunity to listen to and learn from the latest information from the famous professionals in the industry.

Moreover, we currently hold a seminar (or tea party) once a month to exchange ideas, gather program suggestions, promote mutual understanding, and advance further cooperation.

Additional Activities

We also devise many interesting activities to enrich the student's lives in China.

ØWe host an Oral English Competition for undergraduate classes the TAs teach every year.

ØOn weekends and holidays, we often organize teachers and students to visit resorts in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc, to appreciate the charms of Chinese culture.

Entry Requirements

ØNationality is not China (including Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan);

ØObtained a Bachelor’s degree, or is about to obtain the Bachelor’s degree in the current academic year before August 31;

ØPreferably major in Economics, Business and Mathematics, etc;

ØSatisfactory English proficiency.


Applications are accepted only for the fall term. The application will be open on September 1st and closed on June 30th.

Applicants should send the following materials to the School of Finance of RUC no later than June 30th via either mail or email, including:

ØTwo copies of the Bachelor’s degree certificate or study certificate;

ØCompleted application form with photo and signature. (online applicatoin form:;

ØPersonal statement, including study and working experience, academic research achievement, study and research plan, etc;

ØOfficial transcripts from undergraduate study institutions. Applicants from non-native English countries are required to submit a copy of their transcript(s) along with a certified English translation;

ØTwo letters of recommendation from persons in a position to judge the applicant’s suitability for graduate study in finance;

ØCopies of published academic papers, rewards and other research achievements;

ØProof of English language ability (TOFEL, IELTS or other international certificated English tests). Applicants who gain Bachelor’s degrees from English speaking countries don’t need to provide this certificate. Students who can not provide English test scores should provide other materials of English Level;

ØPhotocopy of passport.

ØAll supporting documentation can be mailed or emailed directly to the following address:

 Mr. Kun Fang

 MSF Admission Administrator

 Master of Science in Finance International Program

 School of Finance, Renmin University of China,

 No. 59, Zhongguancun St., Haidian Dist., Beijing 100872 P. R. China

 Tel: +86 10-8250 9260 Fax:+86 10-8250 9261

 E-mail:

ØMaterials examination: the School of Finance will examine the application materials submitted by applicants.

ØInterview: applicants who pass the material examination process organized by the School of Finance.

ØAdmission: determine the admission by interview performance and application materials of the applicants.

ØEnrollment: after getting the admission qualification, applicants should register at International Students Office of Renmin University of China in set time, conduct enrollment procedure and pay tuition.

Expenses and Housing


The current tuition rate is 60,000 RMB (around US $8500) per academic year. This does not cover costs of room and board, books and course materials, medical care services, field trip related expenses and other personal expenses.


ØFor Chinese Government Scholarship, whether Bilateral or Mofcom, students should apply directly to the Chinese Embassy in home country, once approved, CSC will transfer their application to us directly.

ØWe provide tuition discount for those who are not granted any scholarship by CSC, your discount will be determined depending on your comprehensive application materials.

ØDuring your study here, we provide several merit scholarships for those who performs well on study.


ØOn campus dormitory will be provided, students will receive book information in admission package.

ØFor those who are not granted on campus dormitory, please book housing outside campus in advance.

All enquiries are welcome

Please contact:

Mr. Kun Fang

MSF Program Admission Administrator

School of Finance

Renmin University of China

Room 604, No.59. Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing,

100872 P.R. China

Tel: 8610-82509260

Fax: 8610-82509261