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“聚若磐石,散若星辰”| SEE YOU AGAIN---MSF 2018 Students (Video)

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时光飞逝,又是一年毕业季。全英文金融硕士(MSF) 2018 级的同学们也要向中国人民大学这个共同生活了两年的校园说再见了。在这片熟悉 的校园,同学们留下了无数美好的回忆。

It’s another graduation season, but it is so hard for the MSF students, class of 2018, to say goodbye to Renmin University of China— their home for the past 2 years with lots of unforgettable memories.


Graduating in the summer of 2020 is certainly unforgettable. The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for the students to come back to the campus to attend the commencement.  The university and the School of Finance (SFRUC) held a live commencement online, brought all the students back together from all over the world ,and had a special celebration for their great achievement.


As we say our farewells , students from the MSF Program,class of 2018 at SFRUC want to express their love and gratefulness to each other, and the Center for International Programs(CIP)at SFRUC also have their sincere wishes to say to all of the graduates.

A few words from the MSF 2018 graduates and staff from CIP, SFRUC...

Gilson (MSF 2018): “ I am master student in finance, Renmin University of China and this is my last year ,I just graduated. I would like to thank School of Finance and Renmin University of China for providing me the opportunity to study here and to do my graduation.”


Simin  (MSF 2018): “Hi guys! Congratulations to all of us on our graduation. I miss you guys so much ,and of course our school Renmin university of China. At this time I want to give my best wishes to all of you ,whatever we dream for ,whatever we hope to achieve may come true in the future. And again congratulations! Love you guys forever.”


Stephanie  (MSF 2018): “I just want to say thank you everybody for all the good memories I have with you ,from renmin university, my classmates,my coordinator. I’m really going to miss you!”


Yuanyuan Song (Director of CIP, SFRUC):  “Congratulations, Class of 2020 of the MSF Program. Today from here, you will open a new chapter of life. As our saying goes, “Engage with SFRUC, and Better Connect with the World”. I know our hearts will always stay together. The pandemic has taken a great toll on all human beings, socially and economically. But I believe, together we will over come all the challenges, find new opportunities through joint efforts. I believe everyone of you are blessed with great courage and good faith to embrace the future life, and I’m sure all of you will have a good one!”

“祝贺你们!2020年MSF 项目的毕业生们。今天从这里开始,你们将翻开人生的新篇章,正如我们的口号所说,“加入人大财金,世界尽收眼底”,我知道我们将永远心心相连。疫情给所有的人都带来了严重打击,无论是社会还是经济方面。但是我相信,在一起,我们可以应对所有的挑战,在共同努力中寻找新的机遇。我祝愿你们每一个人都拥有坚定的勇气与信仰来拥抱未来,我相信你们将拥有精彩的人生!”

Jason Zhou (Coordinator, CIP, SFRUC):“Hello everyone, I am Jason, coordinator of the MSF Program. First I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation and great effort to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic together with the school for the past few months. After the past two years’ study at SFRUC, I believe all of you have made great progress both in academic and practical field . I wish all of you a bright future!“


Prof.Qian Zongxin (Director of MSF):“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone for graduation. You have proved your excellence with your academic performance. But not only that, you also proved your courage in this difficult time. I would also thank all of your supports during your study here. I wish everyone have a bright future!”



Though you have left RUC and began a new chapter of life , SFRUC will always be your warm home, and  don’t forget to come back for visit !