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Webinar| FAN Xiwen: Investing in Today's Challenging Environment

Time: 2020/11/16 08:47:04 Source: Click:

Time: 19:00-21:30pm (GMT+8), Nov 16th (Mon)

Topic: Investing in Todays Challenging Environment

Speaker: Dr. FAN Xiwen

Chief Risk Officer at China-LAC Cooperation FundPE Investment in Latin America.

Dr.Fan has nearly 20 years of experience in fixed income, credit derivatives and asset securitization investment in the New York City, USA.

He is honor mentor to master program students at Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance,RUC and the School of Finance,RUC.

Dr. Fan is also Academic Committee Member of the International Monetary Institute of RUC and other well-known think tanks.

How to Participate?

Scan the code in the poster below to watch the live lecture and leave your questions in the chat room to engage with the speaker.