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Important Notice|Enter and Exit Campus Management

Time: 2020/12/29 11:30:37 Source: Click:


Dear students,

In consideration of the epidemic prevention situation in Beijing, RUC released the notice on campus management during end of the term and winter vacation. Please read the following tips carefully.


Enter and Exit Campus Management

1. For the students currently reside on campus, please avoid unnecessary exit from the campus. After 12:00 a.m., December 29th, all the students must apply for temporary exit from the campus and get approved through the Enter and Exit Campus Reservation System.

2. For the students currently reside off campus, please avoid unnecessary entry into the campus. Once approved, your application will be valid only for the specific date when you apply for campus entry, and will allow you to enter and leave the campus once only.After 12:00 a.m., December 29th, if you are attending the classes, taking the exams on campus, or attending the thesis defense on campus, you must apply for temporary entry into the campus and get approved through the Enter and Exit Campus Reservation System. If you were involved in the key regions of the epidemic prevention, please apply the entry with the Negative Nucleic Acid Testing Result within 3 days and the No Abnormal Conditions page of Health kit.

3. Please accurately fill up the information on departure location (or destination), track route, traffic tool, and whether you are going to visit a place with a medium or high risk of epidemic, etc. In order to get approved in time, please apply through the system at least one day in advance. We suggest you simplify your trip route and wear a mask throughout the whole trip. Avoid unnecessary visit to the public areas and follow the local epidemic prevention requirements.


Arrangement on Winter Vacation and 2021 Spring Semester

1. For the students currently residing on campus, once applied for exit from the campus, are not allowed to return to the campus until the start of next semester.For the students who are not residing on campus, you are not allowed to return to campus until you receive official notice from RUC and the schools.

2. For the students currently located in China, please avoid unnecessary international travel and do not visit medium or high risk regions. For students who ever stayed or visited medium or high risk regions, or key regions of epidemic prevention, please suspend your schedule on returning to the campus.

3. For the students currently outside China, if you have already acquired a student visa,we advise you to reschedule your plan back to campus. In principle, RUC will not approve any application for returning to the campus during the final weeks and the winter vacation.

4. The arrangement for the 2021 spring semester will be released after the confirmation of epidemic prevention requirements and actual situation. Before receiving the official notice from RUC and the schools, students are not allowed to return to the campus.


Tips on Health Maintenance

1. Students in China should keep a close eye on your health, and remember to report your location and health status, etc. to your school every day. We highly appreciate your cooperation with us and local authorities on the epidemic screening

2. Students should, when staying inside campus, wear the mask all the time scientifically. Wash hands often, keep the room ventilated, and keep social distance of more than 1 meter with others in public areas. If you had a fever, please cooperate with the university’s arrangement and avoid taking classes and attending activities with illness.

3. Avoid unnecessary gathering and travel. Do not organize or attend any gathering activities.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on the epidemic prevention. Do protect yourself and celebrate the New Year in a healthy and peaceful way.


International Students Office

December 29, 2020