Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Hangzhou FinTech Trip Report——Bondy Obed Binyerere,MSF Program Class of 2021

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Overview of the Trip:

The trip commenced on June 20th  with a smooth and great journey made a fast train. The focus of the trip was to learn more about Fintech companies in Hangzhou, and had sessions that focused on Fintech integration into the finance markets, regulation and leadership.

The trip was well organized and quite intense. The first day featured travelling from Beijing to Hangzhou. The remaining two days featured breakout sessions and keynote sessions to different Fintech companies. We visited the Academy of Internet Finance at Zhejiang University and leading companies like Caitong Securities, LianLian Pay, Hyper Chain, Tonghuashun (同花顺) .There was a networking reception on the first and second days and all sessions were led by experts and offered ample time for questions at the end of each session. All networking breaks were in the companies’ work stations , allowing for multiple opportunities to investigate new products and services provided.


Caitong Securities Company

Why Did I Choose to Attend?

This Fintech trip featured the best and biggest Fintech companies in China which triggered my interest to join the rest of the SFRUC Fintech filed trip team that included: Prof. QIU Zhigang, Prof. LU Liping, Song Yuanyuan, Director of the Center for International Programs at SFRUC and two other student representatives, ZHONG Liwen, GENYU Gary Li.

The networking opportunities appealed to me, as did the opportunity to learn from from the professionals in the Fintech market. I was particularly interested in sessions on implementation of Technology into solving Finance problems which was addressed during our meetings. In addition to the conference sessions, the chance to network with other colleagues in similar situations was an extremely valuable experience. I was also able to interact with a few professionals. The opportunity to research new solutions and discuss current technologies with service experts was very worthwhile for me and the rest of the team.

AIF FinTech Incubator

What Sessions Did I Find Most Valuable?

During the meetings, I was able to focus on topics that directly related to new FinTech solutions to the numerous raising problematic issues in the finance market.

Companies Visited:


Hyper Chain

LianLian Pay

Overall Summary of Trip Experience

I was very pleased with the trip meetings and felt they were worthwhile. I learned new solutions and best practical strategies that can be implemented in finance industry. In addition, I gained valuable experience that couldn’t be obtained anywhere else. The networking experience was very beneficial. I was able to speak with several industry experts who provided tips and useful information for my particular dilemmas and work projects.

Tonghuashun (同花顺)

The meetings were very organized and the speakers provided candid opinions on the subject matter at hand, making the information extremely valuable. The meeting room attendants provided a friendly and welcoming reception accompanied with good tea.

In addition, the meals and refreshment breaks were extremely nice and allowed me to save on my travel budget. I was very pleased with all that I received at the different companies that we visited.